Sunday, April 27, 2008

what your $3BILLION+/week is buying you, part 265

The surge is still working, in the same sense, I guess, that Fat Man worked--enormously well.

The last 7 days in Iraq:

505 Civilians killed or found dead in war-related violence--the highest weekly total this year. Including:

Baghdad, April 26: clashes between US forces and locals result in 8 deaths (2 of the dead children), Sadr City.

Baghdad, April 25: Us air strikes kill 7, Sadr City; 2 killed by US forces.

Baghdad, April 23: 15 killed by US forces in Husseiniya and Sadr City; rocket hits school, kills 2 teenage boys, Sadr City.

Baghdad, April 22: US air strike kills 8, Sadr City.

Khalis, April 20: 3 die in US air strikes.

Don't worry--there are 300 MILLION of us, so the diltued responsibility for these killings by American soldiers using American weapons doesn't really affect any single one of us all that much. It shouldn't really cause more than a passing thought.

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