Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This week in Iraq-273 more civilian deaths

From Iraq Body Count Recent Events

Try to get your head around what that would feel like if it were happening here.

No, I mean we have 30 times the population of Iraq, so try to get your head around what it would look like if 8,190 people had been violently killed here this past week.

Including 29 killed by U.S. armed forces.

That would be like an occupying Muslim army killing 870 Americans this last week.

Which is why I don't get it that people like Usama Dakdok claim that Muslims are trying to take over America. To me, it looks more like Christians are trying to take over Iraq.

This week's violent deaths in Iraq included at least 6 children

For all this you and I and the rest of us (Americans) were required to pay at least 2 billion dollars. And another piece of whatever soul we had left.

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