Sunday, April 27, 2008

More thanks for the comments

Liz from Idaho recently left this comment on my post Blackjack.

you are one of the reasons that people in customer service go home and have a few stiff ones. What an ass. I am rant at Christians and you are this rude when you don't get your way. What a spoiled brat. So um, is your ethical way of making money for your family involving card counting? You are absolutely sickening. The more I read about you the sicker I get. YOu are much much worse than the Christians you so delightedly bash.

Liz also writes on her profile
Being a firm and unabashedly unashamed believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I do believe He has a plan for my life and works all things out for good (Romans 8:28).I know that He has me right where he wants me, doing what He wants me to do

Liz--I'm sorry that you didn't get into law school. I hope you still get to one day.

Publisher's weekly, in their review of David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons (of Barna Research)book UnChristian ,said:
Lyons had a gut-level sense that something was desperately wrong, and three years of research paints exactly that picture. Mosaics and Busters (the generations that include late teens to early 30-somethings) believe Christians are judgmental, antihomosexual, hypocritical, too political and sheltered.

Now why would we think that sort of thing about Christians? Your thoughts?

(Now Jim would doubtless remind me that we ought to judge a group by the best in that group, not by the worst, and he would be right. But ... it's also fair to say that there are some people, like Megan and Jim and Brian D. and George and Rose and Rachel and many others who make me *want* to be a Christian again. And then there are others who make me glad I'm not one =)


Benjamin Ady said...

So Liz

You remember that little moment of insight you gained when you read the interview with me on Conversation at the edge, and suddenly, granted a wider view--a view with more context within which to place me, you realized that ... You didn't find me as unbearable as you previously thought you had--leading to you apologizing for being so harsh?

Try to imagine that such a contextualization and accompanying aha moment exists with regards to each and every thing which currently me "sickening" to you. And then, perhaps, rather than giving voice to the overwhelming sense of disgust I engender, why not not fish, gently, for the context which will allow the "aha"?

That amounts to an invitation. Here's my other cheek--I offer it not for a slap, but for a kiss. =)

Liz said...

You know what, I have that book Unchristian> I read it in a night. Some of the things that the people they interviewed were valid but some of them seemed just like a big excuse.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Joe said...

Liz, you ever heard of the internet terminology 'troll'?

benjamin - my advice is to stop feeding the troll.

Joe said...

Liz, I forgot to add: THAT'S YOU THAT IS

Pam Hogeweide said...

healthy internet boundaries are a good thing benjamin.

you tried, but i'm with joe. time to stop feeding this nasty mean-spirited commenter.

(love to you and your family!!!!!!!)