Monday, April 28, 2008

Our Racist Lord

This article caught my attention--from RC via unorthodoxology

The author says:

Jesus was a racist. How could he not be; for he was raised in a racist society? He had become who he was taught to be. . . . at least until he met this woman.

This Canaanite woman, whose name we do not even know, has become one of my favorite characters in all of Scripture. And I think I’m so struck with her because she refused to let Jesus have the last word. No, she didn’t make some great statement about equal rights for all. No, she didn’t chastise Jesus for his racist remark. She simply reminded him that dogs eat crumbs also. It wasn’t really meant to be a challenge to Jesus’ worldview, at least it wasn’t an overt challenge…and yet, Jesus was changed. His response, “Woman, Great is your faith!” She is no longer a dog, but a person with great faith, a person to be admired. This woman is the only person in all of the gospels who gets the best of Jesus; she’s the only person that causes Jesus to change his mind; the only person who taught Jesus.
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