Thursday, April 17, 2008

"The surge is working"

326 civilian deaths by violence in Iraq over the past 7 days, not including the 50+ killed today, but definitely including:

Mosul: April 16: father and daughter shot dead by US forces during clashes

Baghdad: April 15: US air strikes kill 2 boys

Mosul, April 15: schoolgirl is shot in the head by stray bullet while sitting in classroom

Hilla, April 13: US soldiers open fire and kill civilian after their patrol is targeted by roadside bomb.

Baghdad, April 12: 7 die in clashes/US air strikes,

Baghdad, April 10: US air strikes kill 8 (inc. 2 boys)

Fees to U.S. Taxpayers for the above mentioned killings of Iraqi civilians by the U.S. military: at least $3 Billion.

Whatever you do, don't stress about it. Iraqi children are measurably less valuable than American children, so it's not really a big deal. Just buy your fair trade latte (skim soy milk), and off to your job, or classes, or whatever. It's not your fault anyway.

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