Friday, April 04, 2008

Highlights from the blogosphere this week

From Jessica's Indexed

From Joe's a Life Reviewed

What is not OK is to deny me the rights and privileges you enjoy because - and only because - you find my actions abhorrent. Society functions largely because people ignore the things they find abhorrent in others, how are you deciding that this particular aspect of my life is more abhorrent than anything else? If you are going to deny gays an equivalent legal instrument to recognise long term fidelity, are you also going to deny the reality of Hindu marriage because you find some of their rituals disgusting?

From 3 blessings

I stopped and smelled the blossoms on one of the cherry trees in the quad today, and it blew me away with it’s powerful yet delicate sweetness. I’m getting little shivers of joy remembering it. That went well because I slowed down and actually stopped for the 10 seconds it took to do that.

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