Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Shack

So the delightful Pam Hogeweide, the pleasure of whose company we enormously enjoyed over the past weekend, very kindly gave us a copy of the moving up the charts book entitled The Shack when she visited last weekend. She had just scored an interview with author William P Young.

I am getting *so* seriously pissed off at Mr. Young. Which is probably a good thing. I'd *much* rather be pissed off at him than bored out of my mind by him. I'm only 120 pages in, so it's still redeemable (barely, somehow, I suppose) at this point. But right now I am also overwhelmingly disappointed, because, although as Pam pointed out, the writing is *astoundingly ... well, "rough" was the word she used--a kinder one than I would have chosen, the story had real potential, at the beginning, but it has unfortunately degenerated into a long sermon in which Mr. Young merely very unsatisfyingly (and infuriatingly) attempts to rehash very old theological ground. Oh well.

I have a bunch of quotes and stuff for you, but I'll write a full review once I've finished the book.

I should have known better when I heard that it was so popular among American Christians, who also liked, for instance, The Purpose Driven Life (which is, for instance, at #374 in book sales on, while an obviously *far* superior book such as Brian Mclaren's Everything Must Change is way down at 1300 and something)

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Helen said...

Hi Benjamin, it was wonderful to see you and Megan and Eowyn and Coco on Monday.

I'm interested to read your comments about The Shack. I might share my thoughts about it on CatE soon - Pam kindly gave me a copy too and I read it on the plane home.