Monday, April 07, 2008

streptococcus pyogenes

These little guys on the on the bottom are multiplying in vast numbers in the back of my throat. My immune system is orchestrating a generalized response which involves 38 degrees C (or 101 F).

Every time I swallow--I mean *every* time--the inflamed nerve endings in the back of my mouth send signals racing along nerve pathways to my brain saying "AHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHH. *DON"T DO THAT AGAIN!"

But the nice physician's assistant I saw today, Kevin, says I *must* drink water. 3-4 liters a day, if possible.

Meanwhile, Kevin also prescribed some penicillin. So I guess the little guys on the top are killing the little guys above, while we wait for my specific immune system to fully assess the situation and enter the fray. Eventually, I'm guessin the strep is going to lose. Although apparently it *does* lead to death in some cases.

All I can say is "praise Allah for opiates."

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