Friday, April 11, 2008

The French crossword guy

Ran across this video today. It's an acapella group called Naturally 7 singing a song called "Feel it in the air tonite" (Lyrics here) on the subway in Paris.

Two things to notice. At the beginning of the video, some people are clearly turned off, or annoyed, or some such when these guys break into loud live song. By the end, *almost* everbody on the subway car has been sucked into their contagious good spirits.

But there's this guy I call the crossword guy. He's got his back to them. At the beginning, he seems to be doing a crossword puzzle in a newspaper. If you watch, a couple times during the video, he seems almost half tempted to partake, to turn toward, but also kind of hovering between that and a sophisticated annoyance. By the end, he's strongly decided to go with the cold turning away from. This in spite of the fact that by then *everyone* else in the car has turned toward. This is my question: Do you/have you ever played the roll of the crossword guy? I know I have/do. And I don't like him. And I don't wanna be that way. Ever again.

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gretta at lothlorien said...

He does give just a little smile at the start.