Monday, April 07, 2008


Did you ever wake up on a spring morning, and hear the sweet little birds twittering outside the window (because your ... lovely wife opened the bloody window thus letting in the icy cold Seattle air), and think to your self, "Self, I hope those sweet little birds drop dead."?

Just wondering.

(Hey--look what comes up first when you do a google image search on my name)


byron smith said...

In first place for "Byron Smith" is a Canadian car dealer turned motivational speaker, who seems to keep top spot at least partially due to fraudulent claims to have climbed Everest.

Benjamin Ady said...

How did you know they are fraudulent?

I mean that's a hell of a fraudulent claim.

byron smith said...

I should have said that his claim is "disputed", but it's disputed pretty vigorously: here or here.

byron smith said...

Even if he actually did it (which he may well have), his handling of the criticism doesn't reflect very well on him.