Monday, October 22, 2007

your suggestions wanted

So we have lived in the lovely little rental home where we now abide, Bag End, for about 18 months now. It used to be a two bedroom with a garage. At some point in time in the past, either the current or a former owner converted the garage to a bedroom. (don't worry--this is going somewhere) So there used to be a driveway which went into the garage. Now that same driveway just basically goes up the the window of the bedroom which was formerly the garage.

So there is a front lawn, and a gravel driveway where we park our minivan.

So as it turns out, when they converted the garage to a bedroom, the former driveway technically became part of the front lawn. Which is techncically illegal to park in.

Which is to say that it is technically illegal for us to park in our own driveway.

Which nobody would really care about except for one thing. There is a department in the Seattle City government which is responsible for, among other things, enforcing this technicality. And they decide *when* to enforce it based upon, and *only* based upon, when people complain.

So about 3 months ago some LOSER ASSHOLE from somewhere around here decided to start complaining about our van being parked in our driveway. And the nice people in the aforementioned department at City of Seattle were thus required to enforce. So I've spoken to them on the phone, multiple times, and we've gone back and forth. I've been very nice and polite and positive with them. They would love to let me keep parking in the driveway. They and I have tried changing the *position* we park in in various ways so that this ASSHOLE will stop complaining. But nothing works, and now we are going to have to park on the street. which is megastupid.

So I've been pondering possible responses to this. As in, how to ... communicate my disgust to the aforementioned asshole who keeps complaining to the bloody city about my car. A couple ideas have presented themselves to my fertile imagination, but I'd love your suggestions as well. =)

Just venting a little. Don't mind me.

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Rachel said...

Benjamin, first of all let me say that I grew up in a house with exactly the layout you described. The garage had been converted to a family room and there was a big window where the garage door had been. And we always parked our car in the driveway which meant that the front of the car faced that window. And NOBODY ever complained. Why in the heck would they?? I'm so sorry that you have the terrible misfortune to have such a neighbor.

Second, do you have any idea who is doing the complaining? Because one of my friends recently got a couple of nasty anonymous notes about the state of her yard from a neighbor. So she did some research to figure out who it was and she wrote a firm but gracious note to the neighbor explaining all that was going on her life that was preventing her from weeding her yard and how much she did not appreciate the unkindness and shaming. Then she hand-delivered it to his door and left. Soon afterward the neighbor, a middle aged man, came to her door IN TEARS!! He was profoundly apologetic and said he had no idea all that was going on in her life and they actually had a nice conversation! So such miracles DO happen.