Monday, October 22, 2007

three blessings for today

Wordpress is down right now, and it's late, and I'm supposed to type my three blessings up, and I can't do it at three blessings. so here they are here. three things that went well today, and why they went well

1. I saw a magistrate to get my $120 in parking tickets (all from one incident) reduced. She reduced them to $30, and morever she was really nice about it. That went well because I took the time to go in there and ask for it.

2. My super kewl spanish prof, Alberto, upped my self inflicted low participation grade for last week (we have to give ourselves a participation grade each week) to a much higher grade, thus indicating that he actually thinks my participation was excellent, in spite of my own misgivings. That made my day. That went well because I gave myself the lower grade, and thus created the opportunity for that to happen, and because I actually do normally participate perhaps a bit too enthusiastically.

3. I got the fed ex tracking number for the shipment of my brand new free cell phone from verizon, which arrives wednesday. kewlness combined. That went well because I finally managed to choose a phone upgrade, in which process I was enormously helped by the thought record exercise from my clinical psych class (thankyou christeine). =)

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