Tuesday, October 16, 2007

presidential fundraising 2008

Numbers are out today for third quarter fundraising for the 2008 presidential campaign in the U.S.

Stats are from here.

All the Dem candidates combined have raised about 240 million dollars

All the Rep candidates combined have raised about 170 million dollars

All of which adds up to about ... 410 million dollars. which is about 1/1000 of the total amount we've spent on Iraq invasion and occupation. Or another way to look at it is about $1.40 for every man, women, and child in the U.S. Or another way to look at is enough money to pay about half a days wages to the 1 billion people on the planet who "survive" on $1/day or less. Or enough to double (or more) the wages of one million of those same people for one whole year. Or enough to to eradicate malaria worldwide for about 5 months, thusly saving the lives of 850,000 children.(Note--all the numbers are on the fly estimates using the old noggin to mulitply, add, etc. So sorry if I'm way off. But I'm pretty good at arithmetic, so chances are I'm fairly close. Feel free to correct)

Just some thoughts

It's interesting to me that Barack Obama, who is refusing *all* money from lobbyists and special interest groups (PAC's, unions, etc.) has raised very nearly as much money as Hillary, who is refusing money from *no one*. I think this one simple and enormously relevant fact is a very strong indicator that Hilary doesn't really stand a chance against Barack in the primary. BICBW.

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gooditsraining said...

thanks for posting this. i read sometime last week that Hilary was the only one keeping her name on the Michigan primary ballot-- Edwards, Obama and others have removed their names, siding with the DNC that wishes to sanction Michigan for ignoring DNC rules and moving their primary ahead of Iowa's.

The result of this, in my opinion, is that it will be Hilary or no one. Michigan voters resent the fact that Edwards and Obama are in essence punishing them for something they had no control over. If Edwards or Obama win the Democractic nomination, they are going to have to go back and explain why they gave Michigan the middle finger during the primaries. On the other hand, if Hilary wins the nomination, this won't be an issue. Swing voters that didn't already resent her won't have the same reason to resent her as they do Obama and Edwards.

i hate politics.

my grandpa who died in 1997 always used to say never to talk religion and politics. So naturally i spent the last ten years of my life infatuated with both. yahoo!

hope you are doing well Benjamin, all the best.