Tuesday, October 02, 2007

brian mclaren rocks

(and funnily enough, he reminds me of my father in law. Just a little)
And his new book is out today.

If you can't see the embedded videos, the links for them are here and here.


Rachel said...

Benjamin, is there something between "new book out today" and "posted by Benjamin"? If so, I can't seem to see it.

Benjamin Ady said...


you made me smile with your question. I want to answer "No, I just put a whole bunch of blank space there".


Actually, there are four embedded you tube videos. Which is a bit much actually. Do you have a slower internet connection? Maybe they are taking a long time to load?

I'll add a link.

Rachel said...

he-he I figured I was missing something! :-) Thanks for the links.