Saturday, October 13, 2007

the incompetency of hewlett packard

My hard drive crashed on 9/24, and I finally got a new one under warranty from utterly incompetent hewlett packard on 10/11. That's after over *8 HOURS* on the phone with them trying to help/convince them to overcome glitches in their system which were making it literally impossible for them to send me the hard drive, even though both they (the 15+ different people I talked to on the phone at HP) and I *both* strongly desired for them to send it. So I can tick another computer manufacturer off of the list of computer manufacturers from which I shall ever again buy anything, ever.

*8 HOURS!!*. I'm going to have to adjust my cell plan minutes up this month just to account for this. bloody incompetency.

May I strongly disreccomend ever buying a hewlett packard laptop, or for that matter anything else they make which may put you in a position of needing something fixed under warranty by them.

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Helen said...

My son's hard drive developed a serious fault (Dell) - I live chatted with them and they sent a replacement hard drive in a few days.

So the service was good...but it's disappointing the hard drive broke...