Wednesday, October 31, 2007

weekly iraq round up

time once again to find out what your $2 Billion dollars bought for you this week in Iraq.

Total number of civilians killed by U.S. forces in October through the 29th: 90, including 23 children.

You won't read about this in the mainstream media. Probably because it won't make you keep watching, which means you won't buy the beer that's advertised during the commerical break.

I wonder if people would give more of a flying fuck if they saw actual images of the 23 dead children's bodies?

(don't mind me. I'm in a bad mood. I'll get over it, and be back to my relatively less unbearable self tomorrow)

299 civilians killed this week, including:

Tuesday, October 23rd, Mikashifa: US forces kill 16 civilians, including 3 children, in air strikes near Samarra.

Saturday, October 27, Falluja: woman and child shot dead by US forces when they open fire at passing car.

Monday, October 29:
Tikrit: rocket hits playground, kills 2 children; 2 killed in US air strikes.
Kirkuk: US convoy kills civilian. Kut:
US patrol opens fire on two men in a car, killing one and injuring the other

Do you guys think this is fake or something?
This is seriously FUBAR.

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ok, that was a little ... confrontational. sorry. I mean how are you supposed to respond to that? My idea was for you to get angry *with* me. ah well.