Friday, October 26, 2007

Seattle and Atlanta

Why I'm yotta happy to live in Seattle rather than Atlanta. (warning: slightly risque content).

(subtitle: when the punishment is 10 orders of magnitude worse than the crime) (hey, sounds kind of like a lot of christians views on sin and "eternal conscious suffering of the damned")

Here's what I don't get. How is it that these jurors all thought that they had to follow the rules and convict this young man, even though they thought he hadn't done anything wrong? Is that a function of ecucation, or acculturation, or what? I mean I've always understood that if I get on a jury, no matter what the judge, the lawyers, or anybody else says about what the rules are, if I think someone is innocent, or that the law is stupid or wrong, I'm gonna take steps to see that the right thing is done, sneakily or otherwise. I thought that was part of the deal with juries--part of why trial by jury is such a kewl idea. Thoughts?

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