Tuesday, October 23, 2007

pro israel?

My lovely mum posted this on her blog recently. For some context, Papaw and Mamaw were the pastor and pastor's wife of what was bascically the first ever christian church that my family was involved with, when I was 10,11, and 12 years old, '84 through '87.

Papaw told us an encouraging story when we visited him and Mamaw. He said that the church he fellowships with -- I think it was called Cornerstone Baptist Church -- began to fly not only the American flag and the Texas flag but also the Israeli flag. Since the Bible does speak a lot about Israel and the Jewish people being God's chosen nation/people -- they wanted to identify with/promote that Bibical idea. One day though someone burned their Israeli flag. This prompted all kinds of national and international media and the church was thus able to explain/expand on their position to an ever-widening circle of people. One person called and told them he would love to send them another Israeli flag, and yet another if the first one he sends gets burned.

According to the church's pastor, The Rev. Bobby Herrel, Cornerstone Baptist began flying the Israeli flag last July to support the Israeli people during its conflict with Lebanon

How best to communicate to my lovely mum that the international community was outraged, in that particular Israel/Lebanon conflict, by Israel's massive use of U.S. made cluster weapons, the use of which amounts to wide scale land mining of your enemies' land, leading to large numbers of civilian casulties, especially of children, long after the hot conflict is over? Yes, of course Hezbollah *also* failed to follow international law in that conflict. That's hardly any reason to come out as pro Israel during the conflict. most of the civilian casulties even during the hot conflict were Lebanese (~1000 dead Lebanese civilians, ~43 dead Israeli civlians. god this is a greusome math. how can a "christian church be in favor of any of this?) I'm guessing that the people in this church are ... relatively normal, compassionate, people. How could they take such a position? (such is the banality of evil) How does the muslim community in their town (Fort Worth, Texas) feel about them flying that Israeli flag, especially as it was in response to that particular lebanese/israeli conflict? It's hardly surprising the flag was burnt. I'm guessing that in Texas perhaps more than in some other parts of this country the Muslim community feels marginalized and put down in really cruel ways all the time.

I love you mum. Can you see this stuff? How to share it with you without automatically raising a wall? Maybe it's impossible. maybe I lack the social intelligence to accomplish it. alas.

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