Friday, October 26, 2007

gratitude expression

I'm working on increasing my gratitude expression. I'm tracking it on three axes, and instituting positive reinforcements. It's kinda kewl.

Today I got two letters in the mail from Kay Lewis, director of student financial aid at UW. About 5 weeks ago I got a note from them (I think an email) saying why don't I fill out the generic scholarship application for UW?

So I did--barely--got it turned in on the day it was due. I honestly didn't think anything would come of it, but on the off chance, ya know.

I also honestly didn't think you could actually reap any benefits from having a 3.9something GPA. (Gretta--click here for "what is a GPA?").

Anyway, long story short, I got these two letters today announcing that I have been selected to receive the Rodney I Straub scholarship in the amount of $3000 and the John F. and Stella Parks Leonard Endowment for Excellence Scholarship in the amount of $3281.

This completely blew me away. The letters told, very briefly, the story of these people's lives. All three have now passed on. But they all set up scholarship funds, and now I am a recipient of these funds, and I am just astoundingly moved by these--these people that I never met took steps which are seriously affecting my life in positive ways. Megsie cried when I read their stories. I still feel a little like crying. It just seems very strange and good, somehow. How is it that these people can reach out from beyond the grave and make such an impact in my life?

Just wanted to share that with you.


DeeDee said...

Thank you -
congrats -
and yes, the influence of people
reaching beyond the grave

I want to become one of those people

baker st jones said...

wow - this is so amazing and so great!

congratulations benjamin, you deserve it

i am a big believer in gratitude being key to happiness and contentment