Monday, July 02, 2007

why obama is going to beat out clinton for the democratic nomination

  • Obama's name is way kewler.
  • Obama's hair style is way kewler.
  • Obama is young and naive enough to actually take on big issues and make positive change happen. Clinton *failed* to make national health care happen.
  • Obama has lived in a foreign country.
  • Obama is raising more money from more donors.
  • Hilary voted *for* the Iraq war.
  • Would you rather have a president who is 6 feet 1.5 inches tall, or a president who is 5 feet 8 inches tall (bet I get in trouble for that one =) (By the way, no U.S. president has been shorter than 5 feet 9 inches tall since William McKinly was elected in 1900--back before television!)
  • Most importantly, it seems that Clinton can't sing! Who wants a president who can't sing?


LP said...

also, i've heard the tallest president always wins (between the two main people running)

and, also, obama is going to win because people are more apposed to having a woman in office than having a man with non-white skin in office.

(in addition to just being a better canidate, he also has testasterone on his side)

Benjamin Ady said...

Actually, as it turns out, the taller candidate does not always win. this is a myth. Do you really think people are more opposed to a woman than a non-white? I think it's more specific than that--I think more people are opposed to Hillary than to Barack.

Testosterone has it's drawbacks as well. Like brain damage in utero.

LP said...

well, considering there is an actual difference between men and women, and only a made up difference (or cultural) between black and white, yes, i do.

personally i am more specifically opposed to hillary, but then, i think i'd rather see a minority in the white house (heh, heheeh) than another rich white anything.

but anyway, i think that there is still a lot of discrimination against women, and historically speaking, who had the vote first, women, or black men? i don't remember.

obviously there's still a lot going against anyone who's not rich/white/male, so anyone who is not that would be an improvement....