Monday, July 09, 2007

2 questions

Today Rachel posted this quote on JaC

“There is a theological ’silent majority’ in our land who wrap their Bible
in the American flag, who believe that conservative politics is the necessary
by-product of orthodox Christianity, who equate patriotism with the belief in
national self-righteousness, and who regard political dissent as a mark of
infidelity to the faith.”
- Senator Mark Hatfield, Conflict and Conscience,

It reminded me of two questions I recently addressed to my delightful Aunt Kathy, which she has not yet addressed. Perhaps someone here could help me out--someone who claims to be a christian and who also supports the iraq war (I know you're out there)

Here's what Jesus had to say about how to react to our enemies
It's been said "love your friends, and hate your enemies". But I say: Love your enemies! Bless those who curse you! Do good to those who hate you!
Question #1.How is an American Christian who claims to be trying to obey Jesus best to carry out these commands in the case of radical muslim extremists who are clearly their enemy, who clearly curse them, who clearly hate them? In this particular case, is the American Christian to just ignore this command from Jesus?

Paul reiterates it:
Repay *noone* evil for evil. Do no avenge yourselves.
Question #2. For an American Christian who believes one is to obey Paul's words as Scripture, how are they to apply this command in the case of radical muslim extremists?

Ah hell--one more question, I guess:

Question #3. How is a Christian who is an armed member of the armed forces of this or any nation supposed to apply these commands from Jesus and Paul in the context of their *job*, which involves, among other things, killing their enemies?

(maybe I'm a little confused, or missed something, or something. Hmmmm)

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