Monday, July 09, 2007


My brilliant father in law, David, sent this George Bush action figure as a gift home with my wife when she returned from Australia ealier this year. Our two daughters each have a specified time out spot in our home, and George's proper place has become Girl #2's time out spot, where she must move him aside when she has to have a time out. Our daughters can be heard telling him "George Dubya Bush--you've been a very naughty boy--stay in time out!" My poor mother recently informed my wife with some chagrin that Girl #1 had informed her that George Bush was Satan. You must understand that my parents have a greeting card on their wall with a picture of George and Barbara on the front and inside it says "Ben and Sue, thankyou for being charter members of the Washington State re-elect George Bush 2004 campaign! Signed, George Bush". I'm not joking.
We don't really use "George Bush is Satan" language around here--we don't tend to talk about Satan. So we were a bit curious where that came from. Later, in the car, Girl #1 spontaneously said "Satan whispered and told me to do it" in reference to unbuckling her seat belt while we were driving and being told off about it. We asked her "Who is Satan"? "Oh, he's our enemy--the bad enemy--Nana taught me about him" This led us to the conlusion that Nana must have been teaching the girls about Satan, and who he theoretically is, and Girl #1, upon learning the word/concept, automatically associated it with Goerge Bush. So in a sense, it's nana's own ... fault that Girl #1 told her "George Bush is Satan". Girl #1, like her mum and dad and sister, is very very very clever and perceptive!

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