Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bush got it right!

So yesterday President Bush fixed things up for his pal Lewis "Scooter" Libby, who lied under oath and was about to have to report to jail for a 30 month stay. Now he doesn't have to go to jail. Some people think that's really unfair, since lots of normal people who commit jail worthy crimes and don't have powerful rich friends just have to do the jail time, bummerola for them.

And those people are right--it is unfair. But getting upset that Mr. Libby doesn't have to go to jail is the wrong response. It mega rocks that he doesn't have to go to jail. Jail sucks. Period. I bet he just feels this unbelievalbe sense of relief. That's awesome for him.

The right response, in my opinion, is to rejoice with Mr. Libby, and work toward more pardons, more commutations, more mercy, and fewer people in jail. Jail is pretty much a stupid ass idea most of the time, IMNSHO. Let's work toward getting more people out of there, and sending fewer people in. In fact, let's cut the military budget in half, and take the money we save and spend it on programs to reduce crime from the front end. There's an idea.

My enormous congratulations to Mr. Libby. Hell, he got exactly what I'd want if I were in his position. He got out of the punishment. I sincerely and honestly hope that I manage to get out of facing all the consequences for all the shitty, stupid, horrible things I've done. Good on ya, Mr. President. Today, you rock!

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Joe said...

I've been to jail, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

On the other hand, I don't feel like rejoicing when a sycophantic president helps out a friend but refuses to stop massive miscarriages of justice.

Somehow I don't suppose scooter will appreciate the grace of his situation and change his ways.