Tuesday, July 31, 2007


If the United States sells US$63 Billion+ worth of deadly weapons to Middle Eastern nations over the next ten years, and those weapons are used to kills 10's of thousands of civilians, and injure and maim tens of thousands more, what difference does it make to an average citizen of the U.S., such as myself? Does karma, fate, providence, or justice require that I ultimately bear any of the pain, horror, and darkness which the proliferation of these weapons shall doubtless cause?

I mean after all, what consequences has the average U.S. citizen faced for the nearly 300,000 civilians we killed when we dropped the only 2 atomic weapons ever used in warfare by any nation?

God bless (only) America. Here's to democracy, peace, and freedom, and lots and lots of money for the CEO's of ... Honeywell, for instance.

Is this man more evil than I am? Somehow, I seriously doubt it.

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