Thursday, July 26, 2007

more reasons to be grateful

that I've escaped the christian right:

Dr. Dobson speaks out against Harry Potter (for the wrong reasons!)


Justin said...

But you never thought this, right?

We aren't Catholics, you know! :)

There is no 'correct' voice speaking ex Cathedra for Christianity besides Jesus and this holy prophets and aposltes (The Sriptures).

Just lotsa noise.

Noise you don't have to buy.

Justin said...


Chad said...

I am against he last Harry Potter movie because it was so long and boring.

I've never understood this thinking, though. Why not take the same position against Treasure Island or Pirates of the Caribe? My three-year-old wants to be a pirate when she grows up now. Darn you heathen Hollywood!

Benjamin Ady said...

Justin, you're right! I never did think this. I always thougth it rather stupid, from the moment I ran across it as an 11 year old when my aunt tried it out on me by condemnign the chronicles of narnia for similar reasons. I thought, and still think "Whatever". My thoughts have since progressed to "My god, all the amazingly horrifying shit in the world, and your making press releases about how you disagree with and condemn THIS???????

That's actually one of the things that's also appealing about the Catholics, though, isn't it? I mean, how ... simple, to just have a pope, and have to agree with whatever he says. An appealing simplicity in many ways.

Yeah--of course Dobson isn't the "Christian" pope, although in many ways he is the pope of *something*, and I in many ways used to be part of that system, and used to listen to his radio program regularly, and loved it and agreed with most of what he said. Last time I tried to listen to it, I couldn't cope and turned it off rather quickly.

Yeah, that's one of the more lovely things about Christianity--that it's a rather large tent, all encompassing according to some within it, such as Brian Mcclaren, who is one of my heroes, and George Macdonald, another of my heroes. It's funny that I find myself defending Christianity in the most unlikely of contexts--the two alpha courses I've done over the last 5 years. Defending it against, of all people, Nicky gumbel--along these lines--to the people at my table: "You don't have to believe all this amazing crap that Nicky teaches to be a christian. There's lots of christians in the world who totally disagree with him on almost any/every point, and they're still christians!

Chad, haven't seen the latest harry movie. What you said makes sense. I mean technically, pirates are just as evil as witches, right?

BTW, what's your opinion on the pirates versus ninjas debate?

Joe said...

I have a very simple solution for deciding whether Dobson is talking sense. If he opens his mouth, he isn't.

Funny how we can get all hot under the collar about Harry Potter but everyone lauds CS Lewis, because he is
obviously sound (actually his theology is fairly radical, particularly with reference to hell - see his book The Last Divorce).

Anyway, I'm not interested in Harry Potter. Not read it, not interested.

Justin said...

I have a very simple solution for deciding whether Dobson is talking sense. If he opens his mouth, he isn't.

Joe -- isn't this the problem? Aren't you being fundamentalist then?

I haven't listened to a word of Dobson, and I've read all of Harry Potter.

But the one thing I don't want to be is fundamentalist.

Joe said...

Well, I've spent a long time trying to understand Mr Dobson's views and trying to reason with people who hold them.

I don't bother any more, I'm wasting my breath. If that is being fundamentalist, then yeah I'm a fundamentalist. Sue me.

Benjamin Ady said...

Joe and Justin,

nice to see the two of you .... conversing. I think you guys would like each other. Joe, Justin is an Aussie pastor in New York City. He's got a fairly compelling vision for the city. Justin, Joe is a British fair trade clothing distributor. He's got a fairly compelling vision for, among other things, justice. =)

Justin--happy to hear you've managed to avoid Mr. Dobson. Good on ya!

Joe--is the whole suing thing as stupid crazy over there as it is over here?

Justin said...

Joe -- Did Benjamin just call both our visions 'fairly' good??

I dunno about you Joe. I reckon that they are a notch above 'fairly'.


Great to be talking with you'all.

(I think that this is the first time I've interacted with someone other than you on your Blog, Benjamin!)

Benjamin Ady said...

actually I said "fairly compelling". Sorry.Compelling is such a strong word, I guess I felt the need to temper it a bit =) No offense intended!

Justin said...