Friday, July 27, 2007

brand identity

From David H. here:

"Oddly, Talk of the Nation, on NPR, had a piece about a Pentagon commissioned $400,000 study about how marketing techniques could be used to train US personnel (i.e. soldiers) and help change the perception of people about who we are and what we are doing in their “theater of operation” (i.e. war zone). A conclusion of the study: indiscriminate shooting and bombing are bad for US brand identity."

No shit?!? Hmmmmm...

and a story this reminded me of:

with regards to U.S. brand identity: here’s a funny story. Earlier this year, my daughters aged 3 and 5 were visiting their grandparents in Australia with my wife, and their grandparents took them to macdonalds for some food. When asked by their grandparents about their macdonalds experiences in the U.S., my daughters replied “Oh, I don’t think we have this restaraunt in America”

Yeehaw! That sort of made my day.

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Anonymous said...

lol, love the mcdonald's story, ben!!!