Monday, May 12, 2008

Why Obama should get Hillary to be his VP

My friend Russell has convinced me. I said "If Hillary's the VP, I'm voting for McCain."

And he said "Don't you understand the new role of the VP? It's to protect the president's life. The key is for the VP to be at least twice as offputting to the people who hate the president as the president himself. Hence no one has even seriously tried to do in George W. Bush. And no one tried to do in Clinton, perhaps for similar reasoning--those who disliked Clinton that much found Gore at least twice as repulsive. And those who dislike W. that much find Cheney at least twice that repulsive."

With Hillary as V.P., we need fear a horrifying JFK type ending a lot less. It makes sense to me.

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Anonymous said...

A guy at work asked me what I thought of John McCain. I told him, "I don't like his foreign policy. I don't like his domestic policy."

He looked at me, puzzled. "Well, what do you think of Hillary?"

"I don't like her foreign policy, and I really don't like her domestic policy."

Once again, the puzzled look. "Okay, what about Obama?"

"I don't like his foreign policy, and I don't think his domestic policy will work."

At this point, frustrated, he asked, "Well, then who are you going to vote for?"

I haven't decided yet. The choices aren't particularly compelling...for the reasons I stated above. **GRIN**