Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton ahead in popular vote!

according to her web site.

The way she arrives at these numbers is thusly:

First, include the popular vote from Florida.

Second, include the popular vote from Michigan (where Obama's name wasn't on the ballot), but choose *not* to give the votes for "uncommitted" to Obama.

Thirdly, do some kind of funny magical math for the vote numbers in Iowa, Nevada, Maine, and Washington, so that Obama gets these totals in those 4 states:

Iowa: 940 votes
Nevada: 4773 votes
Maine: 2079 votes
Washington: 21629 votes

as opposed to what he actually got, which was ... approximately ...

Iowa 38% of 236,000 ~ 89,680
Nevada 45% of 117,00 ~ 52,000
Maine 59% of 46,000 ~ 27,000
Washington 68% of 200,000 ~ 136,000

How silly can we get? I'm actually surprised.

If I were Hillary Clinton, and I actually believed this stuff, I would *totally* go buy a powerball lottery ticket.

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