Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some pictures

This is me getting beat at chess by our Karen guest.

and this is me and my mom, recently. She's dying.

and this is arguably a relatively accurate depiction of Jesus. He's allegedly not dead, but he certainly hasn't demonstrated any interest in preventing my mother's untimely death. He also continues to refuse to kill my grandfather. Or maybe he just doesn't realize I want him dead, and her healed. Maybe there's some sort of communication problem. Or maybe he just doesn't care. Or maybe there's some other explanation that I'm not privy to. But I doubt that last.


Megs said...

dearling Bens,
thank you for your honesty and courage in writing words from your heart, living your story and not hiding from pain. You rock.
I love you!!

Yours ever,

PS I don;t think they got Jesus' eyes right in that picture. I think his eyes are going to be abit like looking into Aslan's eyes in TLTWATW

Benjamin Ady said...


What is the deal with looking into Aslan's eyes in TLTWATW? I don't remember that part.

The thing is, Aslan is fictional. Jesus was arguably real. Nobody ... swooned or anything when they looked into his eyes. I mean he was a carpenter. People had him figured for a normal guy for most of his life. Even Isaiah points out that there wasn't anything that special about him, to look at. And .. I mean the roman soldiers didn't ... freak out when they crucified him. It was only after the whole ... earthquake darkness thing that one of them said "Surely this was the Son of God"

I think if you thought looking into his eyes was somehow more special than looking into the average human's eyes, then you would either be disappointed when you met him, or else a big part of your lack of disappointment would be driven by a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.


I love you.

If his eyes have to be wierd or special or something, then ... doesn't that preclude him secretly showing up as other people, without you're knowing it?

I mean even those two dudes on the road to Emmaus didn't recognize him.


Joe said...

There was an old story that Jesus was a hunchback. Which would have been amazing (and probably rather disturbing to white suburbanite Christians) if true.