Tuesday, May 13, 2008

throw-away humans and documents

Today the powers that be (that is, "we") dismissed charges against Mohamed al-Kahtani. al-Kahtani has been held in in prison by the powers that be (that is, "us") since early in 2002--in Guantanamo Bay. While there, he has been "interrogated" (that is, tortured) by the powers that be (that is, "us"). Prosecutors have said that he is "unprosecutable" because of the things the powers that be (that is, "we") have done to him during his time at Guantanamo.

Now that charges have been dropped, one has to ask oneself two questions:

1. What shall be done with al-Kahtani, after imprisoning and torturing him for 6 years?
2. What shall be done with the U.S. constitution--specifically the fourth through the eight amendments in the Bill of Rights.

One gets the sense that what is happening is that to some degree we are choosing to throw both al-Kahtani and the document upon which our government is based in the rubbish heap.


Megs said...

hello darling one!
it is so very lovely to be home with you - you are wonderful! Tomorrow it's just a month until you graduate! HOORAY FOR YOU!!

D said...

And creating more people who want to kill us in the process. We're creating "enemies" faster than we can kill them. Great logic right?