Friday, May 16, 2008

Suicide of 120 U.S. veterans every week. And weeping.

U.S. veterans are dying at higher rates from suicide than they are from "combat". 1000 veterans per week are attempting suicide, according to the Veterans administration. See this story.

At the same time we have psychologists overseeing their care recommending that fewer diagnoses of PTSD be handed out.

Look at me--I'm sitting here crying again. I'm a freaking disaster.

But what does it mean for *one* person to attempt suicide, in terms of their own mental and emotional distress, and the aftermath for their mom, their dad, their little sister, their twin brother, their wife, their 6 year old daughter full of questions? It's wrenching. 120 a week dying like this? So many of them are so young, and had no idea what they were getting into.

At least Bush gave up golf in solidarity.

I can guide a missile by satellite, by satellite, by satellite
I can hit a target through a telescope, through a telescope, through a telescope


Megs said...

miss clavel turned on the light
and said 'something is not right'...

Anonymous said...

maybe you need to up your meds Benjamin. A good dose of thorazine would work wonders.

Benjamin Ady said...

Why would I want to take an antipsychotic? I definitely don't meet criteria for schizophrenia. Perhaps you meant to suggest an antidepressant? It's not a bad idea, actually. Although there's also something to be said for *not* taking antidepressants for dysthymia.