Friday, May 23, 2008

Hillary, Bobby, and assasination--Hillary for VP!

So there's an uproar in the media today over Hillary Clinton's comments about how it makes sense for her to stay in the race because, after all, Bobby Kennedy was assasinated in June--implying that if Obama were to be assasinated, she would then become the nominee.

I don't understand why everyone is so upset. Her words are really just a warning to all the crazies out there (and they're out there) who might have it in mind to assasinate Obama: "Look if you assasinate him, I'll probably end up being the president"

This only serves to make Obama safer, and touches on the main reason why Obama should seriously consider trying to convince Hillary to be his V.P. I posit this: Anyone who hates Obama enough to consider killing him is extremely likely to hate Hillary worse. She's like a sort of added layer of protection, in addition to the secret service. Ala Bush/Cheney.


Megs said...

it would be nice if everybody could be well mannered and not kill anybody.

D said...

ha. megs. that is funny. i was blown away that hillary actually said that.