Thursday, January 31, 2008

best one liner

so far from the ongoing presidential election in the U.S.A. (best one I've seen)

"Does Laura Bush get to run for president in 8 years?"


byron smith said...

I'm curious: what did/do you think of Clinton I? (as opposed to Clinton II, about whom you've made yourself quite clear :-)

Benjamin Ady said...


it's a reasonable question.

I was still mostly asleep when clinton one was in office.

What do I think now about clinton one? I rather enormously like the work he is doing in rwanda. I rather enormously like the work he is doing to combat AIDS in the third world.

I rather like the fact that he chose *not* to attempt to intervene militarily in Rwanda as president, and afterwards he now says he kind of regrets that, and he's trying to make amends. I mean I think he was probably more right than not to not respond militarily (which I suppose says something about my leanings on foreign policy).

I like it that he's charismatic, and can talk intelligently and engagingly on a variety of subjects to a variety of audiences. His voice doesn't grate on one like that of clinton two does. and he doesn't always come off saying something really stupid or lying about obvious reality like bush II does.

Which is to say overall my impression of him is that I rather .. I rather like him. There it is. Thank you for asking.

byron smith said...