Saturday, January 19, 2008

More on Bobby Fischer

Edward Rothstein has a very readable piece in today's New York Times entitled "Fischer vs. the World: A Chess Giant's Endgame"

The title of course references "Kasparov vs. the World", a game back in 1999 in which reigning world champion Gary Kasparov played a game of chess against the whole world. The world's moves were decided by majority vote over the internet. Kasparov, playing white, won in 62 moves.

I hope it's okay for me to rather like Fischer's story and style without anybody making any kind of assumption about me agreeing with some of his more unkind remarks about the Jews.


Megs said...

I won last time we played chess!!!!!

I challenge you to a duel!

Benjamin Ady said...

You're on. But it's not fair for you to be so much better looking than me *and* beat me at chess. Do you think you could arrange to lose to me occasionally in such a way that you allow me to think you were actually trying to win?

I love you =)