Thursday, January 24, 2008

What's the big idea? the visionless Hillary Clinton

I recently told a good friend of mine that if Hillary Clinton wins the democratic nomination, I fear I'll have to vote for McCain. He jokingly threatened to break my legs before I could go to the polls. I was mostly joking, but I grow increasingly serious. Not that my vote would count for much, here, since Washington State is very nearly guaranteed to go for the democratic candidate whoever they may be. Then again, if we've *moved* by November, we may be in a different situation.

But honestly, one *does* get the sensation that she'll say anything to win the nomination, falsely accusing her main opponent for the nomination on *multiple* fronts, including his supposed work for a so called "slumlord" and his supposed love for "republican ideas". See

Why does she want so badly to be president? It looks to me like Obama and Edwards both have a big central idea that is inspiring them to take on the insanely difficult task of being president. But for Hillary, I can't find that idea. What is it? It seems like it's more about "I actually *want* all that power".

To me, that's *nuts*. I mean no way in *hell* I'd run for president. But if something *were* to get me to run, it would be some Huge, super inspiring idea. Then I would be running in *spite* of my cynicism toward the whole system. To actually *want* the position for the position's sake is just out there.

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