Friday, January 18, 2008

a question from a history-naive person

So here's a question. I've grown up with the idea in my head that John F. Kennedy was a ... hero, a guy who would perhaps be in the top 10 of great americans of the 20th century.

Did you grow up with the same impression? Or have you *had* the same impression?

What are your thoughts about this? It's an impression I've never previously though much about. But is it true that he authorized the assassination of the president of South Vietnam, as well as the use of napalm and agent orange over there?

Your impressions/thoughts on JFK?


Megs said...

wish i had something insightful to say!
I must confess to being a little bit American-history-naive.
love you!
Ask my Mum - she studied US history...

off to watch 'no end in sight' with you!

we have such romantic movie content on our movie nights, don't we dearling?

much love,
your m

Anonymous said...

I don't think he ordered napalm. I think that came during the Johnson years. I was a little girl when he was assassinated and the emotions of that day and that weekend will never leave me. He had such an amazing intellect and wit. His press conferences were erudite and intelligent.

He WAS a war hero during WWII and an inspiring president. Those were different times, tho. I wouldn't call him a hero of the 20th century, but he was very important in it.

Magical days. To think that Jacqueline Kennedy was only in her early 30s when he was killed. SHE was the one who orchestrated the pomp and ceremony of his funeral service. Truly amazing.


Megs said...

love you my darling Bens.
I am so sorry your dear Mom is so sick.\