Monday, January 07, 2008

To weep, or scream?

Shall the

Strait of Hormuz

be like the

Gulf of Tonkin?

Dear God I hope not.
My sympathetic nervous system is aroused over this one.
Wish I believed in the efficacy of prayer.

I've only ever met one Iranian person, and she was ... delightful. The history of Iran goes back *5000* years--even longer than the history of Vietnam. The history of white people in North America goes back .. *500* years. We don't have a fucking clue. Wish there was some quick way to get one.


Megs said...

let go of america darling... you are benjamin, terran, part of our family, BA (nearly!!! Go YOU!), and america is just a strand in, a part of your story, and the world's

i love you

Benjamin Ady said...

Lovely megsie,

even if I *weren't* American, the prospect of and American invasion of Iran would be seriousquiolio freaky.

But I think you request an impossibility. ... even if I *wanted* to, the actual practicality of "letting go of America", from an emotional/psychological perspective, would probably be as difficult and involved as, say ... letting go of ...

I see a lack a simile. Oh well =)

I'm simileless. =p. At least I'm not both running for president and simileless. That would zetta suck.