Friday, January 25, 2008


This is frickin' awesome. H/T Helen

My lovely mum now has pneumonia (which, by the way, should be pronounced "puhnuh MOAN yuh), to go with the cancer and the abdominal surgery. But she's ... she's a fighter. I love you mom. Please everybody make sure you don't tell my mom about this video. She'd find it very disturbing.


byron smith said...

I'd seen it before, but it was worth seeing again.

Kat said...

Are you freaking KIDDING me? Anyone in their right mind and most of those not totally KNOW if god had to pick a truck brand she would totally go with DODGE!!!!

prince said...

total's ok to trivialise Christians who can be total ass wipes

but what so frickin' awesome about trivialising Jesus? Depicting his crown of thorns as a fashion accessory??
what's yer problem?? as for Byron he must be a dick head like yourself

Benjamin Ady said...


I'm fairly certain it's making use of certain .... literary devices like satire, irony, sarcasm--I never can keep these three straight--but one of those I think.

Which is to say, I think we might agree more than you might realize. I'm thinking the point is that we here in America actually *do* trivialise Jesus this way, but we are not generally willing to do so quite so openly or up-front. It's meant to show how really crass it is that we are doing that as a culture. Am I making sense?

It's generally considered not very kind to call people "dick head", I'm thinking.