Friday, January 18, 2008

R.I.P. Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer was a bit of a hero to me when I was a kid. Not so much about the chess--I'm not really good enough at chess to be called mediocre. More because of his eccentricity. "Here is someone who is a bit wierd and a bit offputting to a lot of people", I said to myself "Just like me. And he has achieved some level of success in the world. Kewl!"

I guess I also rather like him because he managed to piss off the U.S. government and get his U.S. passport revoked, and then get granted citizenship in Iceland, the most developed country in the world. All of this strikes me as astoundingly kewl, and even to be emulated.

Bobby Fischer is most famous for becoming the only ever (formerly) American World Chess Champion back in 1972. He died today at the age of 65.

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