Saturday, February 02, 2008

One upmanship

This conversation with my not yet six year old daughter a few weeks ago led me to to imagine what it shall be like to attempt to keep up with her intellectually over the next few decades.

Eowyn: I'm a tiger. I'm going to eat you up.

Benjamin: Well I'm a bear, and I'm going to eat *you* up!

E: Well I'm a *bigger* tiger!

B: Well I'm a virus!

E: What's a virus?

B: (short explanation of virus)

E: (after *briefest* of pauses to digest virus explanation) Well *I'm* a black hole!

Thus does Benjamin's ship sink, having been disintegrated in whole by my lovely daughter. What the *hell* was I supposed to say next? Completely and utterly speechless I was. A black hole!?! No fair!


byron smith said...

Sounds like your daughter ought to face off against the Moffatts' Little Man while you and they lick your wounds.

Megs said...

dear Eowyn!! I love that we get to be parents of these two brilliant girls!

Joe said...


that'll teach you for trying to outwit a 6 year old.

I was telling my 7-year old about a vegetarian man who ate road kill. She just looked at me strangely and said - well if he eats meat, he isn't a vegetarian is he. durr.