Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obama and the end of modernism?

So today Hillary Clinton said: "I think we need answers, not questions."

It's an interesting quote. It very much touches on the transition from modernism to postmodernism. Answers vs. questions. The monolithic vs. the organic. The metanarrative vs. the personal narrative. Do you think it's reasonable to frame the difference between Obama and Clinton/Mcain in such a way? Is Obama the fist truly postmodern candidate for president of the U.S.?

For me, I *much* prefer questions. They help keep me less arrogant and less depressed (two things I struggle with). I find they much more easily engender personal relationship, which is something which (as my ideal self), I highly value.


Chuck Montgomery said...


Hilary was jus' in her menstrual cycle cranky and asexual as always..doesn't she remind you of your worst school teacher..... hardly an indicator of an epistemological transition

Benjamin Ady said...

I've been working off the assumption that Hillary is past Menopause. She's kind of old to be having PMS, isn't she?

Nice use of the word epistemological.

Megs said...

i'm listening to shelby steele on obama. i like your comment - that he's pomo and HC more modern. she seems to be consistently saying that - she has specifics where he has speeches, etc.

chuck montgomery, would you please refrain from making irrelevant comments about menstrual cycles? This discussion is about politics and philosophy, and it's inappropriate to randomly jump into discussion of Hillary's menstrual cycle.

chuck montgomery said...

Hilary is an asexual hag.

Your HC is modern Barak is pomo argument is shitty.They are both modernists. Barak is just way cooler.

she will lose to Obama who will get beaten by Big Johnny McCain

Benjamin Ady said...


I am stymied by the dizzying heights of your argument.