Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Notes from super tuesday.

-Heard being chanted at Mitt Romney's speech: "They haven't!" Is that his campaign slogan? Nice ...

-Ann Romney said, referring to herself and immediate family: "Now I can say: we've been everywhere." (well, everywhere in America works out to everywhere, at least from a republican perspective, doesn't it?)

-Ann Romney also said, referring to her husband: "I can't wait for him to get his hands on Washington" (maybe I just have a dirty mind ...)

-Ok, help me out here. Is Mike Huckabee's wife taller than him? Can't they do something about that? I mean it looks like only an inch or so. Someone should get him some shoes that boost him a little, if his wife is going to be on the podium. Or something. Maybe it's really sexist. But ... well ... what can I say? Doesn't work for me. =)

-Janet Huckabee: "People have been giving [to our campaign] from resources that they didn't have"

-What is she not telling us?

-Can anyone understand what McCain's fans are chanting at his speech? I just can't tell what it is.

-Huckabee said "the pundints"


-"Keep your oil--we don't need it anymore than we need your sand" (huh?) (what are the sand

-Go Huckabee. The vision of an Obama v. Huckabee contest is beyond delightful.

-Obama wins 13 and maybe 14 of 22 states, leaving 8 or 9 for Clinton. And probably hold nearly even with her in delegate counts. Pretty freaking amazing for someone who was trailing Clinton by 8 to 12 percentage points in national polling a mere month ago.

-McCain emerges as the republican front runner--a man Obama I think can easily beat in the general, but who will pose a much more difficult obstacle for Hillary.

-By the way--is McCain crazy? He's 70 freaking years old. why doesn't he relax and take it easy? Being president for 4 years has got to age you at least 10 years, so he's gonna be like 80 by 2012, if he gets in. That's crazy.

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