Thursday, February 28, 2008

70 million dollars

and more. That's how much money the two leading democratic presidential candidates have raised in the month of February, we are told they will announce later today.

That is crazy. That is just a hell of a lot of money. Can't we find something better to do with $70 million?

On the other hand, ... I can think of worse things to do with it. We could have spent it on cluster munitions, small arms ammunitions, pornography, sex with prostitutes, heroin, or promoting the "bomb Iran" agenda of John McCain and his latest endorser, the (not so) reverend John Hagee.

By the way, there is a remarkable *difference* in the methodology of the way the two leading
candidates raised the money. The Obama campaign recently passed 1 million donors, something my friend Chad tells me is unprecedented in the history of presidential campaigns. Their average donation is less than $200. I haven't seen the numbers, but my impression is that the Clinton campaign has far fewer donors and the average donation is way higher than that.

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