Monday, February 04, 2008

For my Washington State friends

Please be aware that if you want to vote for Barack Obama to be the Democratic nominee, and want your vote to count, you have to attend the Washington State Democratic Caucus this Saturday, Feb 9th, at 1 PM. The primary ballot, which you may have already gotten in the mail or sent in, for the primary on Feb 19th is absolutely meaningless. All the Democratic delegates to the Democratic national convention are being elected at the caucus.

Yes, we are the weirdest state in the union. Every other state has a caucus *or* a primary. But not us! NO! We must have both. But the primary *doesn't* count--only the caucus on February 9th.

You can find your caucus location here.

You can register to vote and/or change your address at the caucus location. And you can vote as long as you're going to be 18 by election day, November 4th.

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