Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yes We Can

Holy criminy, this video kind of blew me away. It's largely because he can inspire this sort of artistry, and the hope that drives it, that I'm more excited about a presidential candidate than I've ever been in the 16 years since I've first became elegible to vote. Go Obama!


byron smith said...

Having watched this video many times and reflected a little on it, I've posted some thoughts over here. Thanks for posting!

Benjamin Ady said...


Kewl that you reposted it. Another thing to love about Obama. He's inspiring people overseas--non American people. very kewl.

byron smith said...

Yes indeed, and the fact that he realises there is a world beyond America and knows more than a little about it makes him very attractive as a foreign (though I'm married to a US citizen - have I mentioned this before?). That said, the thing I find least inspiring about him is his continuation of the myth of the redeemer nation. For instance, take the last couple of paragraphs of this speech and ask "who is going to repair the world?"


byron smith said...

Oops - "foreign" --> "foreigner"