Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shame on you

I have this gnarley little invisible blue electric force field which I sometimes make use of. I just flick a mental switch, and it goes on all around me. When words come my direction, I send out a little piece of it to catch them. They get trapped in there, and the blue electricity forms a ball, which sits there and spins while I ponder it from safely inside. And then, if I choose, I let it in. And if not, I flick another mental switch, and the electric blue spinning ball, words inside, just goes off at right angles to everything, never to be seen again.

Yes, I'm a bit wierd. But it works for me.

When people do the "shame on you" thing, to either me or others, I generally don't even have to don that thing. I already instantly know they're wrong, and I verbally take it back off "Nope, actually, no shame on me (or him, or her, or you). I reject that. Bye bye shame. Go away, you've been rejected, like a big old friggin' rejection by an NBA basketball player".

Is the following as offputting to others as it is to me? Why or why not? It seems to not be working super well from a political perspective, as since it hit the top of all the headlines this morning, Hillary's chance of winning the nomination, according to those who bet money on these things, has dropped below 15%, the lowest hillary shares have traded at since the '08 presidential market's opened in late 2004.


Megs said...

It is strong, but to me much of this debate is strong and fierce, and makes me realise my skin is too thin to be a politician.

i am glad there are people who are strong enough to endure these battles (and I hope Obama wins!)

I think Hillary's health care plan is very good, and I can see why she would feel angry, after so much preparation, so much dreaming, to be realising she's probably not going to win the democratic nomination.

byron smith said...

I found the most off-putting element was the nodding man in the background. Who is he? A security guard? He didn't seem to be paying much attention to the crowd.

Benjamin Ady said...

Byron--first guess: he's the governor of Ohio. (checking ....)

Yeah, pretty much looks like him

Now how did I know that? It's annoying that I don't know how I know. Annoying because I understand a bit of the *why/how* of not knowing why I know, and wish I were more in touch with the parts of myself which that why/how must reference. Oh well.

byron smith said...

Ah, thanks. That makes more sense (though is no less distracting).