Wednesday, October 11, 2006

where does meat come from...

The following conversation during the bedtime ritual with my two lovely children tonite:

Benjamin (singing): "...and zebras and mollusks ..."
Eowyn "What are mollusks?"
B: "Mollusks are little animals in the ocean that live inside shells that open and close like this (demonstrating with fingers) and they are really yummy to eat"
E: "You can't eat aminals (yes, aminals, not animals) (said with a "come on, you know you can't eat aminals, duh" tone of voice)"
B: "Well, where do we get meat, then?"
E: "From the store (same tone as above)"
B: "Where do the people in the store get it?"
E: "From the people in the store! (same tone, patiently lecturing a somewhat stupid student)"
B: "But where do the people in the store get it?"
E: "Oh...probably from dumpster diving or something"

(now where could she have gotten that idea???)
(let us all raise our glasses to subverting the dominant paradigm)

and this with my wife regarding this blog entry:

Megan: "Oh, 'mollusks' is spelled with a 'c', not with a 'k'."
Benjamin: "Actually (jumping to other firefox tab to look at wikipedia) ..."

Wikipedia says "The mollusks (American spelling) or molluscs (British spelling)..."
Now why would Benjamin and Megan disagree on a spelling...?


Seren Rose said...

Obviously she's a highly evolved rinpoche. what a perfectly lovely girl to have around!

Benjamin Ady said...

Had to look up "rinpoche". I am more willing to contemplate this idea as a real possibility than I have previously been, thanks in part to Christine Wicker's "Not in Kansas Anymore", which I am currently reading. My question is, Does buddhism allow thinking so far out of the box that it would be considered appropriate to call Eowyn a rinpoche even though she is not being raised/is not likely to be raised as a Buddhist?