Saturday, October 28, 2006

Composite image of earth and sol

Isn't this kewl? It gives one some perspective. Of course it's a bit off, because we are also *much* further away than this from the sun!


Megs said...

Hello Moo! I love you!! You are a bright and beautiful and delicious as the sun, and as unique and elegant and specific as the earth!

me said...

hey ben, BTW i wrote you a post on my blog thingy. Where do you find all these great bits of information - is it what you are studying? R

Benjamin Ady said...

Hello Moosa. I respect you!! I'm only bright because I have almost no melanin, so the brightness is just the light reflecting off my excessively white skin (ok, prolly too much info for a public forum). I really loved watching that movie with you tonite. You kick ass. I love your calling the earth elegant...even though it weighs (googling....) 6X10^24 kilos. Awesome. That is one monga elegant planet. (of course, using the term "weight" here poses problems. I suppose one could verb the word mass and say that is "masses". hmmmm.) You are a poet,and I am a bit of a lumbering dorkus sometimes. How did I end up with you loving me? Lucky me! You rocketh.

Benjamin Ady said...

"Where do you find all these great bits of information?"
No, I am studying psychology. I read's front page every day, and there's always interesting stuff there (like the sun image). I did intro to astronomy 2 or 3 quarters ago (I lose track...) and it was fascinating and had lots of lovely images like this.
If you wanna get a kewl "astronomy photo of the day" on your computer desktop everyday, check out Apod Software. There's also a Mac version of this around somewhere if you are not using windows.

Seren Rose said...

that is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Pierre_ said...

Wow Benjamin, last time I saw your blog, it had one single entry! Now you're an advanced blogger! I'll need some time to read it thoroughly... Congratulations! I'm glad that the UW works so well for you. It's great to see pics of Megan, Eowyn, Coco and you too. You seem to have such an animated life!
I miss the PNW a lot you know... Anyway, I won't have much time from now on as I'll start my grad school on Friday. Six seminars this semester, almost exclusively in Russian and English! Pretty challenging. Thanks to your great advice in Shakespeare's language, I'm sure the English ones won't be too hard to understand!
Let's keep in touch.