Wednesday, October 04, 2006

oxymorons and other thoughts

Good news from this week: From a friend of mine: "The lower power has a powerful yet limited repertoire"
Bad news from this week: Looks like hostilities are restarting in Uganda
Oxymoronic Headline from this week: "Rice calls on Palestinians to Halt Violence. This from a senior official in the regime (oops, I mean, administration) that started the Iraq War, in which 48,000 civilians (try not to picture your local sports stadium with every seat occupied by a dead Iraqi civilian) have died over the last 3 years
Do we dare expose ourselves to actual images of what our 300 Billion dollars (see counter at upper right!) is actually buying us? See some photos of what's really happening in Iraq here Iraq War Images (warning: graphic photos!)
Question for the week. How do you feel about The Bush Doctrine (military preemption?) Is it ethical? Is it working?

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