Thursday, October 12, 2006

oops--guess we miscounted, or 'what our U.S.$333 Billion is buying us' Part II

Oops. Looks like we miscounted. Here's what the United States has accomplished in the 42 months, and U.S.$333 billion (yes, that's a full one third of 1 trillion dollars (which is how much nobel in economics prize winner Joseph Stiglitz says the war will ulitmately cost U.S. taxpayers), since invading Iraq:

1. 655,000 extra Iraqi civilians dead--that is, 655,000 more have died than would have died if we hadn't invaded.
2. A resurgence of the Taliban (former harborers of Al Quaeda and women oppressors extraordinaire)
3. One member of the so called "Axis of Evil", North Korea, now has nuclear weapons.

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Megan said...

a very greedy war indeed. i'm reading paul farmer's biography, 'mountains beyond mountains' by tracy kidder, which strongly confirms how crucial it is to redress injustice and 'steal from the rich, give to the poor, robin hood...' People are dying of diarrhoea and malaria and dehydration and fever and i am very angry. i felt so helpless about this when working in kirema, uganda. the good thing about this book is that the guy in it actually does something about the situation - whereas i just felt helpless. and how much of the equation for me is just my need to feel useful, to appease my guilt?